home gallery terms & conditions collection contact about The ANNE VAN LAETHEM collection is beyond fashion trends and dogma. It seeks to reflect unique personality through accessories of quality and character, in some way classics of the past reflecting the time of today. Each piece in the collection holds the privilege of limited series or often even as a guaranteed unique piece. All pieces in the ANNE VAN LAETHEM collection are made by hand and valued for their incomparable wearing comfort thanks to carefully and judiciously selected materials used (*). ANNE VAN LAETHEM creations do not shout for attention from a distance but amaze from close-by: the right stitch, the most appropriate type of wool for a self-invented knitting pattern, the size and position of a fold, the harmony in color and texture. Ideas are carefully and patiently explored in view of functionality and comfort before production is started to result in simple beauty. (*) In order to preserve these qualities it is recommended to consult the care instructions that come with each individual creation. the Brand